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Syria is located in south-west Asia, on the east of Mediterranean Sea and in the heart of the Arab world. ELSaad is located in Aleppo.
Aleppo city has a distinct charm and incomparable history, Aleppo claims to be the oldest inhabited settlement on earth.

ELSaad Pharma is owned by Mr.Saad A Kurdy He is the CEO of the organization and a well known businessman in Syria and the Arab world. The company is managed by his son Mr. Mohamed Kurdy.

ELSaad Pharmaceuticals is a leading Syrian Pharmaceutical company established in the beginning of 1995 with an aim to serve medical association and Patient with best quality medicines.

ELSaad Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the Antibiotics and Respiratory segments, and has a strong presence in cardiovascular, Analysis, Urology, Dermatology, General and Local Anesthetic and Anti-Diabetics segments.

ELSaad which has been in the Pharma business for just 18 years has grown through an aggressive strategy of successfully managed acquisitions and alliances. Our portfolio of over 110 products are marketed by a large network of publicity representatives of doctors and pharmacists outnumber the 200 in various Syrian governorates.This is one of the strongest distribution channels in the industry.

Today, 15 of its brands are among the top in the Syrian Pharma industry.
ELSaad is ranked amongst the top five Syrian Pharmaceutical companies.

To be recognized as a leading, world-class branded healthcare company.
Our mission to be a centre of excellence in healthcare by rely on a world-class pharmaceuticals production network to provide high quality, safe and effective products to meet customer needs. we will position ourselves as industry leaders in the Middle East.
We are focused on achieving our objectives with a commitment to deliver the highest  quality and excellence in all our actions

What we say we are committed to do.

We value people as our greatest resource, and treat others as we want to be treated.

Employing new technologies and always looking at how we can improve our performance.
Quality Assurance
ELSaad Pharma, ‘quality’ is the basic foundation on which products are developed and produced. Pharmaceutical products are designed and developed in a way that takes account of the requirements of GMP and other associated codes such as those of good laboratory practice (GLP)  and good clinical practice (GCP).
We Committed to Quality excellence, complying with the National, and International Quality Standards. Customer satisfaction surpassing standards in respect of quality, reliability and services by employing quality driven staff, ensuring stringent performance standards. Concern and respect for Quality of people with continuous updating of knowledge. Our facilities compliance to Environmental and Safety Standards and Regulations

ELSaad Pharma’s Quality System is to co-ordinate the development and maintenance of the Company’s quality procedures and systems.  This is achieved through vendor development, sampling and testing procedure, validation exercises, environmental monitoring and periodic audit of materials, facilities, systems and procedures, which can influence the quality of company’s products throughout the shelf-life. 
The GMP Approvals obtained from the Ministry of Health  Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan , Bolivia, Kenya along with the ISO  9001-2008 Quality Management system , ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management system, ISO 18001-2007 Health & Safety Management system stands out as stellar examples of ELSaad's testimony to quality.
Since its inception in 1995, ELSaad Pharma has proven a consistent commitment towards high operational and quality standards, and created a peerless reputation of reliability and quality-awareness as well as ethical and social responsibility.
We believe that our most important assets are: Our Remarkably Safe and Reliable products, in addition to the loyal, skilled, competent and creative employee. Therefore, we have interpreted our ambitious striving towards success, through the continuous improvement, development and growth into several aspects within our company;”Starting by accumulating our employees’ skills, knowledge and awareness and finishing by the qualitative expansion in our operating facilities”.
ELSaad Pharma driven by the Spirit of Challenge, go ahead and creative thinking, together with an exceptional Team of Intrrnational and Native Skilled Professionals, aims to become the Top-Rated Regional and World-Class Pharmaceutical Companies as long as it owns the whole necessary constituents, capabilities and qualifications.
Based on this strong background, we continue our progress towards a brilliant future full of success and prosperity for us and all of our partners.
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