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Product Name
Chemical Name
Therapeutic Category
Central nervous system drugs
Pharmacologic Category
Cerebral Vasodilator
Pharmaceutical Form
Vinpocetine 5mg
Monitoring Parameters
Pharmacodynamics / Kinetics
Dosing: Adult
Oral : 3 times 1- 2 tablets . Maintenance Dose : 1 tablet 3 times daily . for a longer period of time . Parenteral : initial daily dose is 20 mg in slow drip infusion (2 ampoules in 500-1000 ml infusion solution ) . Later on the usual daily dose is 30 mg ( 3 ampoules in 500 –1000 ml infusion solution ) in slow drip infusion . If necessary , and the patients tolerates it the daily infused total dose can be raised carefully reaching 1 mg /kg body-weight on day 10 . Intravenous and intramuscular dosage should be avoided .
oral For the management of psychic and neurological symptoms (memory disorders, aphasia, apraxia, motor disorders, dizziness, headache) of cerebral circulatory disorders of various origin (postapoplectic, posttraumatic or sclerotic).
Adverse Reactions
Slight hypotension, tachycardia, immature beats may occur occasionally. On long-term treatment blood count is suggested to be performed.
Pregnancy and lactation, severe ischaemic heart diseases, severe arrhythmias.
Warnings / Precautions Drug
With parenteral treatment the blood sugar level of diabetic patients should be checked because of the sorbital content of the Ampoule .
No interactions of the tablets with other drugs were reported, therefore it can be administered in combination . The injection is incompatible with heparin therefore it can not be injected to patients on heparin therapy .
Mechanism of Action
Cavintine improves cerebral perfusion hereby improving the oxygen supply of the brain. In vivo experiments show that it enhances cerebral regeneration after experimental hypoxia.
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